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There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Victoria Ski Club. Discounts from our sponsors, fun and exciting trips, social events and of course meeting the wonderful people who are already members.

Comment from a Member

“I have been a member for 10 years and can’t say enough about the fine individuals that make this group great, Skiing, cycling and just having fun!” – I. Taylor

We are a mixture of about 80 male and female adults, singles and couples, some athletic and some more social.
We keep busy year round with organized social and sporting activities.  Read on…


The Victoria Alpine Ski Club is much more than skiing, we are a social group that enjoys gatherings, cycling, golfing, snowshoeing, volleyball, movie nights, theater and much more!
Check out our calendar of upcoming social events and exciting ski trips! 


Check out our calendar of upcoming social events!

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer with lots of fun and adventures. Your ski club executive has been busy planning the upcoming ski trips and we have a whole slate of trips planned. According to the Farmer's Almanac the winter will be colder and snowier than we have seen in the last little while - we'll just have to wait and see!

The Executive has also been updating the refund/cancellation policy, and there is a special membership meeting before the next social on September 1, 2016 to present the updated policy to the membership for consideration. The meeting will be at 7:00:PM at the Six Mile Pub. 

 VASC Trip Refund Policy 

Trip participants can cancel a trip at any time. In certain circumstances they may qualify for a refund. Refunds will only be considered in situations where the member did not attend any part of the trip. Trip Guests and Sister Club Guests are not entitled to refunds. In the case of the week long trip to the Inside Edge cabin, the portion of the trip fee applicable to membership in the Inside Edge Club is not eligible for refund if the funds have already been disbursed.

Refunds will only be considered if a “cancellation notice” has been received prior to the trip departure. A “cancellation notice” may be made in person, by phone including voice mail, or by email to the Trip Coordinator or the Treasurer. If notice to cancel is given verbally (by phone or in person) it must be confirmed in writing or by e-mail. If  the  member is seeking a refund, they must submit a refund request detailing the reason for the request. The “Trip Cancellation Refund Request” form is available on the VASC website. A $10 cancellation fee shall be charged if a refund is awarded. The Club Member will qualify for a refund if any of the following criteria are met:

  1. The Trip Coordinator offers the spot to a member on the waitlist if a waitlist exists. If the Club resells the spot, the cancelling member qualifies for a refund (less the cancellation fee).

  1. If a Club member cancels two or more weeks before the early bird date, they are entitled to a refund (less the cancellation fee).

  1. A refund (less the cancellation fee) may also be approved at the discretion of the Board of Directors in special circumstances such as a major illness, injury or a death in the immediate family.

  • A trip participant may sell their spot on the trip to another individual at any time. The selling party must immediately inform the Trip Coordinator of the sale. The buying party must be or become a member, trip guest or sister club guest. 
  • A Club Member whose refund request has been denied  may appeal to the Board of Directors. The decision of the Board of Directors is final.

Miscellaneous  Policies 

Club Member

A Club Member is an individual 19 years of age or older whose  membership application has been accepted by the Ski Club Executive, and who has paid the annual dues (currently $50), and signed a Waiver of Liability. A Club Member is entitled to the full benefits of membership including the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting, to serve on the Executive and participate in ski club events including trips.

Trip Guest

A Trip Guest is a non member who is eligible to attend one ski trip per year as a guest by paying a guest fee (currently $30) and signing a Waiver of Liability. If a Trip Guest  attends a second trip, the Trip Guest must convert to full membership. The initial guest fee will be applied towards the cost of their membership fee. Trip guests are only entitled to book a trip if spots remain unsold after opening night sales to VASC Members.

Sister Club Guest

Club Members in other ski clubs are entitled to attend ski trips without paying the guest fee if spots remain unsold after opening night sales to VASC Members. They are required to sign a Waiver of Liability. 

No Overnight Guests

Accommodation is provided for individuals who have signed up for the trip, paid the requisite fees and signed a Wavier of Liability.  Visitors and friends are welcome to ski and socialize with Ski Club members but overnight guests are prohibited.  

We look forward to your company!

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