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There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Victoria Ski Club. Discounts from our sponsors, fun and exciting trips, social events and of course meeting the wonderful people who are already members.

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“I have been a member for 10 years and can’t say enough about the fine individuals that make this group great, Skiing, cycling and just having fun!” – I. Taylor

We are a mixture of about 80 male and female adults, singles and couples, some athletic and some more social.
We keep busy year round with organized social and sporting activities.  Read on…


The Victoria Alpine Ski Club is much more than skiing, we are a social group that enjoys gatherings, cycling, golfing, snowshoeing, volleyball, movie nights, theater and much more!
Check out our calendar of upcoming social events and exciting ski trips! 


No Socials until September

Enjoy the summer

Preliminary2018/2019 trip plans



·      Whistler 1- Aspens Condominiums (10 rooms - 40 people)- December 7-10



·      Whistler 2- Legends Hotel (8 rooms - 32 people) – January 11-14

·      Mt Washington Deer Lodge- (4 rooms - 16 people) - January 25-27

·      Silver Star- Pinnacles Condominiums- (2 rooms – 16 people) – February 2-7

·      Revelstoke – Hotel property with venue TBD - (8 rooms- 16 people) – February 8-11

·      Whistler 3- March 10 -15:

o   Inside Edge Ski Club Cabin (20 people)

o   Tantalus Hotel (or equivalent) - (4 rooms- 16 people)

·      Mount Washington Deer Lodge - (4 rooms- 16 people) - March 29-31

·      Whistler 4 - Legends Hotel (10 rooms-48 people) – April 12-15


The Board also decided in our preliminary trip planning that there would be no buses provided for these trips including Whistler Legends and Mount Washington. 

Dear Members of the Victoria Alpine Ski Club; Dear Friends;


To Golf or Not to Golf?  This is a question often raised by those who live with that certain someone they love, yet they love the game of golf as well.

Each and every golfer, novice or semi-pro, on any given weekend when the sun is shining (or not) and there’s work to be done around the home is faced with this question.  To some, they simply put relaxation before Yard Work as their work week has been strenuous enough.  To others, it remains a nagging obligation that does not fully go away while playing their round of golf.

The Pacific Ski Club 2018 Golf Tournament is The Answer!!!

Sunday August 12th, 2018

Delta Golf Course

12:30 pm Tee Off

Grand Prize – Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer by Yardworks

Yes, you read it right.  With the PSC Golf Tournament your troubles are over!  You can go out golfing on a brilliant summer day (weather not guaranteed to be as presented) and you can do BOTH things at once. No nagging obligations to worry about!!!

“Honey, I’m going golfing because I am trying to win a YARDWORKS GAS HEDGE TRIMMER!” and your eternal partner in life will understand (or even join you in the wonderful game of golf).

 2018 Grand Prize.jpg

Price: $45.00 Canadian – Includes 18 holes, BBQ, and Prizes -- lots of prizes – best of all, you do not need to have the lowest score to win the Grand Prize!!!!

Delta Golf Course, 11550 Highway 10, Delta B.C. (off highway 10 and highway 91 – Alex Fraser Bridge) is a Par 68 Executive Golf Course which is a little longer than last year’s Mylora but it will still be fun for everyone!!!

Prizes for most Lost Balls, Best Hook or Slice, most Memorable Moment (hole in one, three bounces over the lake, tree shot and onto the green, longest or weirdest chip shot – you name it)  plus the regular KP, Longest Drive, Closest to the Centre Line,  etc.

Only 24 spots: Members get first dibs, guests, friends, past and future members most welcome.

Contact: Bruce Chadwick:

The ski club now has a Facebook page. Check it out. You can post photos, advertise gear, look for rides or advertise rides to the hill.




Members of the public are welcome to join the Victoria Alpine Ski Club's two free public sites:

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You will find upcoming activities and lots of information on both of these sites.

We look forward to your company!

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